Create a diagram from any apps in seconds

Map out user journeys only by snapping screenshots and let the Screenshot Flow app do the rest. Your newly created diagram will sync seamlessly with Google Drive ready to be shared or edited further.


Auto sync

Screenshots and diagrams are uploaded to your Google Drive immediately. You don't need to worry about getting them to your computer, so you can remain focussed on your workflow.


Share quick

Share your awesome Screenshot Flow diagrams via simple links from the mobile app right after you finished them. Your files stay in your Google Drive account so you remain in full control of them.


Easy viewing

View your diagram files with the viewer on this website or open them with any modern internet browsers. For easy and convenient access from Google Drive also download our Chrome app.


Build on it

Diagrams can be edited with 3rd party software The possibilities are almost endless, you may also use your Screenshot Flows as a starting point for more elaborate drawings.

  • Custom UX flow diagrams to ...

  • ☞ Show someone how an app works

  • ☞ Analyse user journeys with teams

  • ☞ Attach instructions to test steps

  • ... created, customised, shared
    in one app.

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Take multiple screenshots and mark the positions where the user interacts with the screen. When you are done, save it then voilà! Your screenshots will be stiched together into one diagram depicting the user's journey.


If you only need screenshots (in other words just images) we still have you covered. The images upload to Google Drive immediately. No fiddling, seamless, it just works.

How does it work?

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